Smart eWorks offers Professional Bulk GSM Short Message Service (SMS) at globally affordable prices with dynamic sender.
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Sri Lanka Bulk SMS - Reliable SMS Gateway Delivery to All Networks in Sri Lanka

The Smart Bulk SMS solution is web based on a powerful general-purpose text-messaging system and Web Interface developed by Smart E Works around the GSM Short Message Service (SMS).

Users will be given a web page where they would be able to type a 160 character message and then send it out to their clients or staff, through a database collated by them. The number of messages sent and the timing of the transmission would depend solely on the company.

Web SMS allows you to send text messages from any device connected to the Internet –there‟s no additional software required. All you need is to log onto Smart BulkSMS provided and you‟re ready to send and receive online SMS straight from the Web SMS interface,required Smart BulkSMS System will be loaded to the browser.

 Accessible from any online device.
 Easy to set up and use, no additional software required for online SMS.
 Send/receive single or group SMS.
 Service availability for mobiles and CDMA landlines in Sri Lanka.
 Option to forward SMS received to your mobile when required.
 Delivery tracking – shows when SMS was delivered to the handset.
 Reports – records all messages sent, received, delivered and failed.

Price Of Local SMS Gateway





100k Plus

Order Order Order

Call us

Setup Fee 5000 5000 5000


Min Recharge - Pre-Paid 500 - -


SMS + Tax (all-inclusive price per sms)

1.50 1.35 1.29

for better rates call us

Dynamic Sender ID * YES YES YES


Statics Reports Analysis img img img


Web Interface To SEND SMS img img img


Incoming SMS  (INBOX)

*Monthly rental will be added

img 5000 7500


Inbox Keywords img img img


  1. Incoming SMS Facility with the Long Number – RS. 5,000.00 Monthly Rental + One Time Setup Fee Rs.25000.00
  2. Alphanumeric  Sender ID – You can have you own branding where the number can be changed  to any name. (11 characters) Eg - SmartSMS/YourCompany
  3.  Inbox Keyword  only support for for incoming SMS Solutions
  4. 24 Hours Service will be available.
  5. Price can change any time without notice 
  6. This route only for transnational sms.
  7. More than 50000 SMS. Contact us.
  8. Uses must use owned data base 
  9. Best Price Available for Resellers.
  10. Price may be different for each Service Providers in Sri Lanka (Dialog, Etisalat, Mobitel, Airtel and Hutch)**Price can be change with out any notice  

Who Need Smart Bulk SMS ? 

  •  Financial Services SMS
  •  IT Enabled SMS Services
  •  Educational SMS Services
  • Stock Market SMS Services
  • Retail SMS Services
  • Recruitment Companies SMS
  • Corporate Communication SMS
  • Real Estate SMS
  • Airline/Travel SMS
  • Gyms and Health Clubs SMS
  • Clubs and Society SMS
  • Hospitality SMS
  • Automobile SMS

What is the Smart eWorks Bulk SMS ?

BulkSMS lets you send SMS text messages to a range of networks in each country. You can choose to send directly from your PC, your BulkSMS web account, your phone, or even connect your system applications to our messaging server.
In messaging market, Smart eWorks owns the best of infrastructure  in Sri Lanka, has a number of products and services that can assist you with sending bulk SMS messages. If you need to send out high volumes of text messages in one go e.g. running competitions and marketing campaigns, sending notifications to employees, notifying customers of deals, promotions and events etc, then contact us to determine which product is best suited to your needs based on how many SMS messages you wish to send at one time.